The success of Donald Trump in the US presidential primaries has surprised many. Old Media especially has been caught with its pants down. Many reporters refuse to see the reality around them and instead prefer to view the world through their own ideological reading glasses. That is why the papers are full of articles that mock Mr. Trump. But while they are at it, they also mock the American people. The feeling of superiority of Old Media is on an unprecedentedly high level.

The reasons for Trump’s popularity may be found in his background, style and topics, since they differ considerably from those of other American politicians.

Never before in US elections has there been a candidate who is as financially successful as Trump. Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire who has generated his wealth in real estate – a tough business. He has exponentially expanded the estate he inherited from his father. Trump has gained success through bankruptcies.

Another factor for his success is the fact that there has never been a candidate in US elections who is as verbally talented as he. In terms of reaction speed, even Bill Clinton and Barack Obama come in second. Mr. Trump generates clear and easily understandable sentences at lightning speed on topics that matter to the people.

However, the most important reason for Trump’s success is his choice of topics for the election, although Old Media deliberately refrains from admitting it. They try to disguise the fact that Mr. Trump discusses serious and logical matters by criticizing his personality traits that are different from the ones of regular politicians.

Trump promises work and security

The US suffers from structural unemployment. In many regions, the unemployment rate of black Americans is as high as 50%. Also other working classes suffer, as manufacturing is constantly being moved out of the US. This is what Mr. Trump wants to change using every method possible. This is why craftsmen with low levels of education trust him. Why does the media oppose it?

Trump is also strongly supported by the educated middle class who will become main taxpayers as industry flees the country.

Trump has promised to do everything he can to have the car industry and other major companies move their production back to the home country. Among other companies, Trump wants to bring Apple’s mobile phone manufacturing back from China. To achieve this purpose, he suggests various remedies, including tax reduction. This is a totally sensible and smart idea. Why are people against it?

Trump also wants to bring the billions of dollars lying in foreign bank accounts back to the US. Currently, American companies cannot do it for fear of colossal taxes. Trump has promised to enter into agreements that solve this issue as well, since it is economically reasonable to have the capital of companies in the US, where they can be safe and increase investments. Why are people against it?

The security situation in the US has deteriorated as a consequence of illegal immigration. In practice, the developments are similar to the ones here in Europe. Liberal politicians keep sacrificing the wellbeing of the local population to their world-embracing ideologies. The supporters of Mr. Trump disagree on the matter. In other words, this is about making a choice between liberalism and conservatism via a democratic process. Why are people against it?

Trump the businessman objects to the US military policy that has caused the death of thousands of American soldiers. From the beginning, he has opposed the Iraq war (which is the main cause of the current refugee situation).

Ruling elite is worried

The US (as well as Europe) has long been governed by the alliance of liberal politicians and Old Media. Old Media has been publishing opinions that favour the ruling elite. Any deflecting opinions are labelled as old-fashioned conservatism that is claimed to be detrimental and counterproductive for nations.

Whenever a charismatic and eloquent conservative person turns up, a massive defamation campaign begins. If mocking and lies do not work, the racist or fascist card is played. This is what is currently going on in the US.

When Mr. Trump rebukes a female reporter who mocked him, he is naturally a chauvinist. When Mr. Trump wants to send 11 million illegal immigrants back to their home countries, he is naturally a racist. When Mr. Trump wants to stand up for American workers, he is naturally a fascist. And the final ace up the sleeve is the narcissist card when Trump claims to be a better negotiator than current politicians. Matters and concepts get mixed up when emotions run high.

This is how Old Media responds when they are afraid of losing their power of opinion. (Actually, it has already lost it to a great extent to New Media.)

But … this also constitutes a problem. If Old Media does not regard the conservative and protectionist thinking as an equal alternative to liberalism, they also do not accept democracy as a form of government.

What, then, is the next form of government that might be accepted by Old Media?

Veikko Vallin, Finnish entrepreneur